Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't forget: 8 Glasses Each Day!

Whoever said that drinking a glass of water before a meal (or whenever you're hungry) will ease the hunger pains lied. I tried it, and drinking a full glass quickly just makes me feel bloated.

I started drinking a lot of water though. I had a full glass in the morning (since sleeping dehydrates you), and I would attempt to drink one full glass, about the size of a Silo cup, every hour. It wasn't that I planned to drink one every hour, it was that when I started drinking more water, I started getting really thirsty. Not sure why.

And yes, this meant I had to go to the bathroom almost once an hour. But I found that I didn't mind that much because it was good to get up and walk around instead of sitting at my desk.

I also attempted to incorporate water into my meals to help me slow down my eating habits. As mentioned previously, I would take a bite of food, put down my fork, chew everything very slowly, until the food almost liquefied in my mouth. Then I would have a drink of water to wash everything down and start fresh with the next bite.

A good thing about me drinking this much water: I was able to focus on being healthy and not drinking the calorie-laden beverages most people consume: juices, cokes, and coffees. By trying to sneak in these drinks, you're not necessarily doing any better because "some, especially the ones containing caffeine, are also diuretic, promoting a bit of water to be lost even as you consume some."

The biggest struggle for me currently is taking a water bottle out with me when I go somewhere. It's often heavier than I'd like it to be, and I'm always afraid I'll have an urgent need to go to the bathroom and I won't be able to get anywhere. Absurd thoughts, really. I really need to get on that and start carrying something with me, especially when I go on walks.

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