Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recipe of the Moment: Grown-Up Grilled Cheese with Pepper Jack, Avocado, and Bacon

I like grilled cheeses. A lot. Who doesn't? But lately I've been getting bored with just the standard cheddar cheese, and I've been mixing it up a lot, using a mixture of muenster, pepper jack, and cheddar. 

You know what else I like? Avocados. I found this brilliant idea on Pinterest, incorporating avocados into grilled cheeses - with pepperoni, no less(which I totally switched out with bacon, yum)! I knew I had to do it one night when I was too lazy to cook something and there were no healthier, leftover alternatives in the fridge. Luckily for me, that evening was last night!

Honestly, the worst part of the whole experience was waiting for the sandwich to finish cooking! It looked and smelled amazing, which was just torture!

Friday, March 9, 2012

How To Store Fruit and Vegetables

YOU GUYS. If you're like me, and still kind of new to the whole "healthy eating" lifestyle (by which I mean I've only been doing this for about 2 years), then you'll love this list I found today from Community Markets.

I've always been confused about how to store food. Because, really, don't you just throw it all in the fridge? Doesn't the fridge keep everything fresh? These were my thoughts. Sometimes I would read cookbooks about how some things should not be kept in the fridge, like peaches. They should be left on the counter, and then they'll ripen and the whole house will smell like peaches. Or something like that. Very strange, but okay. Peaches: no fridge.

But that always left me confused about everything else. I've been trying to follow the grocery store guidelines, i.e. whatever is refrigerated or on ice goes in the fridge and whatever's in the regular bins goes in the pantry or on the counter. But I'm certainly not one to trust the grocery store to know what's best for me to eat.

Then recently I found this website called, Save Food From the Fridge, which I thought would be awesome and full tips, but it's actually just a few photos of a couple of (admittedly, very cool) modern designs for the kitchen, though it does have a few tips.

Interesting: Store apples with potatoes, so potatoes don't sprout.  Also interesting: Apples don't go in the fridge.

Interesting: Eggs have lots of pores and need to breathe. I wonder if non-organic eggs can be left out of the fridge?

Interesting: They need water! Also interesting: These also don't go in the fridge. Hm.

This one makes sense! Though, there's still a funnel to water them.
So what's the problem with these highly designed food trays? They seem a little over the top and somewhat elitist, but mostly the problem is that I can't figure out where to buy them.

So luckily for me, I came across the list I mentioned earlier, that tells you exactly how to store fruits and vegetables. If you're very gung-ho about this, like me, you can print out a list to hang up. Otherwise, feel free to peruse here: