Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Wine is a Necessity of Life

I used to pride myself on my ability to hold my liquor. I wouldn't get into drinking contests or anything like that, but everyone, especially guys, admired that I could drink whiskey (or vodka or bourbon) straight and have no problems. Beer leaves much to be desired. I've never craved anything as dull as beer, and the amount of calories in a beer is ridiculous compared to the level of alcohol in it. Wine is nice, but it always seemed impractical as well as a bit pretentious. It still does to an extent, but wine has now become my alcohol of choice.

I mentioned previously that I was going to have one glass of wine with dinner, and I have kept that up. But reading Mireille's thoughts on wine versus liquor definitely challenged the last few remaining desires I had for liquor.
The alcohol content of such beverages can be three to four times greater than that of the same amount of wine, so you are getting vastly more calories together with a duller sense of taste. Also dulled is your natural sense of contentment, and you invariably eat more.

Wine can also enhance your health if absorbed in small daily doses, and always, always, always with food. Aside from containing fewer calories per volume than most alcoholic drinks, fine wine is also full of nutrients and recognized to thin the blood and lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
So the bit about liquor dulling your senses is incredibly true. Plus, since I would usually mix my rum or whiskey with a coke, I was getting a lot more calories than I should have. I was lucky (kind of) in that I could control my appetite when I was drinking. Most of my friends have to make stops at Thai places or McDonalds to feast. Others would go home and have giant bowls of cereals, with some meatballs on the side (true story!).

Mireille does have a bit on how wine will make you feel fancy, and you'll enjoy your eating experience more. I do enjoy eating more, but I don't really feel any different. I still eat in front of the tv most nights. But I'm mentioning it because I'm sure it's true for some people, and if that's what it takes for you, then fantastic.

Also, love the health benefits. Stick to one glass though (two tops!). Anything more than that, and you lose everything you've been working for, healthwise and calorie-wise.


  1. Yeahhhh, so I've never had good wine. It's always so icky! (Though I've always loved drinking from wine glasses. Always had my pop in a wine glass when we stayed at my grandma's! It was fun!) This isn't from a lack of wanting to find a wine a like! Don't ask me why, but I like alcohol, and I want one I can drink occasionally without feeling all loopy or guilty! Oy, I have problems. Maybe someday! (P.S. Red grapes are my favorite, so it appeals to me more than any, but I've tried red, white, and white zin. They've all been bad. But I think the red was sour when I tried it.)

  2. I definitely prefer red wine to white wine as well. Do you know what kinds you definitely don't like? I'll try to look into it and recommend some for you because there's definitely a wine out there for you!

  3. Also, you shouldn't get discouraged either. I never had good wine growing up, and of course in college we drank the cheapest thing we could find (often wine in a box). I definitely know there's a lot of crap out there!