Friday, April 16, 2010

Superbowl Adventures aka Why I Decided to Not (Totally) Gorge Myself

I had been on my healthy eating kick for 2-3 weeks when an event came up that worried me: the Superbowl.

I was doing so well in my attempts to be healthy, and I had almost figured out when I was hungry and when I should stop eating. I had even taken a free cooking class at The Green Grocer, a Chicago based grocery store specializing in organic and locally produced foods, to get more ideas about healthy cooking.

I was on the right track, but was afraid I would quickly derail. Part of the reason I was adamant about keeping to my diet was because I was already seeing results. I don't own a scale, so I can't tell you how many pounds I lost. I keep track of my weight by using the tape measure and by how I look and feel in my clothes. I was down an inch in my waist and half an inch in my hips. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for the short time period it was a lot. Plus, I was able to wear a black top to the Superbowl party that I don't normally wear because it makes me look pregnant. That night, my stomach did not have a bump.

To combat what I was afraid would be a ton of junk, I made mango guacamole.

I tried sticking only to my mango guacamole that night, but I did have to sample a slice of the pizza, some chili, and melted velveeta/ground sausage combo that was delicious. I also kept my booze and soda limit down to combat the extra calories.

I did well at first, but then I decided I REALLY needed to have some more. So I had a little bit more. Ultimately, I'm sure it didn't make a difference, but because I was getting very familiar with my stomach, I knew I had crossed a line. Sadly, I still didn't care, and I ate a bit more. I knew the next week I would definitely have to be good to make sure I didn't gain back the small bit I had already lost.

Even though I ate too much, I still considered it a success in restraint because everyone else was lying around, clutching their stomachs, whereas I fine.

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