Monday, March 22, 2010

The inspiration!

So this is something I've been working on for a few months in my own personal life. My friends are interested, but I don't think they want me talking about it constantly like I currently do. I'm sure having this as an outlet will help!

I've wanted to see Food Inc ever since it came out, but I never got around to it. When it came out, I put it on my Netflix, but since my Netflix has close to 200 movies on it, it wasn't coming anytime soon. Luckily, I came up with the brilliant idea of giving it to my father for Christmas. I knew he would want to see it, and I would be there. Perfect.

When I saw the movie, I was frustrated. Astonished. Horrified. Angry. Mostly confused. I understood at the end of the movie that there was a lot going on behind the scenes in the food industry that I didn't know about, that I probably hid from myself by quickly skipping past articles and websites discussing it. After watching, I didn't know what to do. Was food all bad? Some food? How can I tell the difference? Could I afford to buy better food?

My main goal after watching the film was to get healthy. I'm not obese. Most people wouldn't even call me fat. But I could stand to lose 15 pounds and get in a healthy weight range. Losing weight wasn't my goal though. I wanted to be healthy.

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